Vinnie Colaiuta On Chick Corea  

March 01, 2021 

by Tyler Williams 

Vinnie Colaiuta On Chick Corea  

Vinnie Colaiuta recently gave a beautiful tribute to the great Chick Corea on his podcast, "Breakfast With Vinnie." I somehow found it on YouTube during my incessant watching of Chick "playing live" videos ever since his unexpected passing February 9, 2021.

I listened to Vinnie's podcast episode twice yesterday. After the second listen and reflection, I had a bit of a breakdown and immediately realized I wouldn't be where I am at without Chick's music and influence. Chick's "never ending process" was truly unique and inspiring, to say the least. 

Thank you for putting this podcast out there Vinnie, your playing has always been amazing to me and now your recently discovered words can encapsulate how many of us must be feeling during this strange time. 


By the way, Vinnie played drums for Chick quite a bit, and is an outstanding musician! Please check out his website here.