Day 100 Out Of 100 Is Here

March 03, 2021

by Tyler Williams

Day 100!

Well...I did it, 100 blog days in a row. The emailed newsletter is weekly. Sorry for the confusion.

To be honest, I had a few days run amok these past couple of weeks. However, I think the process went pretty well!

Thanks to all who have looked at this blog or newsletter as this has been a great exercise thus far.

Next week, I'm shifting my distribution process . The blog/newsletter will become a weekly check in and it can arrive in your mailbox, RSS feed (which I'm still learning about) or the many social media methods of madness. Hashtag, like, @, and subscribe all you want!

Here are some of the blogs that stand out to me, in no particular order.

- Recent interviews with my band were recently had for my upcoming podcast! Stay tuned for the Hear Me Pod podcast coming your way soon!

- The 100 day habit work has been inspired by Seth Godin, The Minimalists, Matt D'Avella and countless others out there doing it! Thank you for sharing your journeys and process to the world. Truly. 

- RIP Chick Corea. Your journey was never ending and inspiring. Please check out this blog and link to Vinnie Colaiuta's poignant comments about this great artist.

- My sister Anna has a new art collection currently being shown at a wonderful gallery in Albany, Oregon. Go see it here!
- Being involved with Positively Arts has been a wonderful outlet and inspiration to work with wonderful kids who want to create.

- Hearing from friends, colleagues, and family throughout this challenging time.

- The minimalism game we got through in January!

- Fighting the CONSTANT battle between producing things and sharing things. New music stuff is coming next week, FYI!

With this reflection, I give you my sincere thanks and welcome further discussions about music, the tools we use, and the intentionality behind our actions.



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P.S. If you don't understand this coffee mug I found for Dena, please just reply to this, and I will gladly explain it! :)