Hear Me Pod - Angela Chan

August 05, 2021 

by Tyler Williams 

Well my friends, it's been a while. 

How are you? What's new? What's getting old? 

Today I published my 5th episode of "Hear Me Pod" featuring an interview with my associate conductor and keyboard 1 player at Le Rêve, Angela Chan. She and I have been close friends for a long time. I think this episode turned out great! I really appreciate my friends and family who have encouraged me to keep going on this little endeavor. Thank you. 

Here's the direct link to the episode! 

I've also been playing a few gigs here and there. Things are picking up, but the delta variant is f-ing things up a bit as well. Please get your vaccination and do your research away from social media! 

Anyway, the is just a quick pop in to say hello and share the latest "Hear Me Pod" episode. 

I have more interviews and music to share with you very soon!  

Be well, and thanks for reading.