Infrastructure Exposed

February 17, 2021 

by Tyler Williams 

I hate to get a little political or cynical today, but man, the U.S. is in rough shape! 

My heart truly breaks for the millions without power right now in the central parts of the U.S., mainly Texas who was anything but prepared for the recent crazy weather.  Now, instead of houses getting warmer, the finger pointing will get more heated. I truly wish we just had more of a united country that would trade weapons of destruction into heaters and food for those in need. Is this too much to ask?

Is the angry person with 20 guns gonna save their family from freezing? Or is the armchair, lonely hating critic with an active Twitter rant helping us solve anything? Maybe my blog isn't doing much for anyone either. I get it. I did look at the American Red Cross website for a few minutes to try to feel better... 

Anyway, if anything, this past year is just further exposing our weaknesses as a nation and society. I love many things about the U.S., but, if we can't come together as a nation sooner than later, we will become further divided on every level. Our infrastructure and cohesiveness is being stretched to the absolute limits. 

I truly hope those in need get what they can as soon as possible. If you want to help, please click here for more information.