Le Rêve Band Interviews - are happening!

February 23, 2021

by Tyler Williams

Le Rêve Band Interviews - are happening!

Welcome to Hear Me Blog! 

I've been consistently blogging for nearly 100 days. These daily blogs are for me to build a habit. You can find them here. Please read them all, especially if you're trying to find new ways to fall asleep. 

In addition to those posts, about once a week I try to share a newsletter or social media blast on a semi-regular basis, like the one you are reading now! I generally enjoy sharing these on Tuesdays. My Tuesday used to be my Friday at Le Rêve, and it kind of breaks up the week. Do you like this method? I do!               

Anyway, I'm really excited to be interviewing the Le Rêve band this week for my new podcast I've been developing. Hear Me Pod - The Podcast is coming out this spring - in late March or April. Hmm...maybe I should debut it right before tax day!?

The band has been "moving on" the best they can since the closure of our show. It has been a tough road emotionally and truly seems like a bad dream that our "dream" is forever over. (Le Rêve is French for "The Dream") 

However, I'm grateful that they have been hanging out with me via social media, phones and video chats. And, that they have all agreed to be some of the first guests on my new upcoming podcast!

So, please stay in touch and respond to this newsletter via my contact form or a private message and I will respond whenever I can. Hang in there and keep on keepin' on!



P.S. Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting me here. I don't know exactly where this blog is going after the 100 days. My self expectation is that it will become a weekly thing/blog/newsletter with links to a podcast and a few other things I'm finding valuable.

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