The Power of Words 

February 18, 2021 

by Tyler Williams 

The Power of Words 

I'm currently reworking my subtitle to my blog and upcoming podcast.  

It has been an interesting process to analyze the perception words carry. My lovely wife has been nothing but supportive in my work/process and we both appreciate things that can be improved... 

Today I'm a bit hung up on the word "technology" in the subtitle of my description. What does the word "technology" mean to you? To many folks (I've been in recent contact with), it seems to mean high tech trends in the industry. Or even the "most" developed tech available. Regardless, it can be a loaded word and I'm maybe misusing it a bit. 

Here is a definition from my computer's dictionary. Technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. 

To me, my definition of technology really relates to the "tools of the trade" we are talking about or working with.  

Without naming names, I can think of two different guitarists I've worked with. One really loves new technology, apps, etc. and the other loves his pencil and paper. Both systems seem to work great for them, and I think it's interesting to hear about either method to their madness. 

Anyway, a new subtitle is in the works! Thanks for reading!


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